The Regional Law Enforcement Coordinating Council (RLECC) was created in pursuant to Executive Order No. 829 (E.O. 829) which was signed on September 11, 1982 by President Ferdinand E. Marcos. E.O. 829 established the law enforcement coordinating bodies also known as the Law Enforcement Coordinating Committees thereby instituting the regional and provincial law enforcement councils. With the committee’s formation, the National Committee on Anti-Organized Crime was abolished.

The RLECC leadership was mandated to the Regional Directors of each PNP regional office then known as the PC/INP Provincial Commander, while the members are heads of regional or field offices of the different government agencies.

By April 27, 1999, PCSUPT RENATO MENDOZA PAREDES signed RLECC-CAR Resolution No. 01-99 creating the sub-committees with their corresponding composition and task/functions.

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